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PMP Certification

PMP Certification

PMP Certification

PMP® stands for Project Management Professional and is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers offered by Project Management Institute (PMI)®. This Highly recognized PMP® certification demonstrates that an individual has the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects. PMP® Certification has become the international standard for Project Managers and the credential of choice in most industries and organizations across the world.

PMI®, PMP® and PMBOK® are trademarks registered by Project Management Institute. Year after year the PMP® credential has garnered global recognition in leading and directing projects. The demand for PMP certification has consistently increased with over 450,000 certified Project Managers worldwide as organizations have become more sophisticated in their application of Project Management principles and processes. With the current economic environment, PMP® certification exam and concepts helps the Project Managers differentiate themselves from their co-workers or other job applicants. Having a certification also lends credibility to the Project Manager, ensuring the client or their own organization that the fundamentals of successful project management are understood.

Today, companies insist on having a PMP® Certification from their Project Managers, and passing the PMP® Exam is considered as your first step towards responding to companies’ needs. And with free PMP Certification mock tests from Mockexam4u comprising of PMP® practice questions you can do just that. In this section we begin with the mock tests pertaining to PMI’s PMP® certification. The mock exams include questions that are similar in methodology and structures to those tested by PMI® but are not the actual PMP® exam questions. Upon successful completion of the required study and practicing with these tests you will be able to master the skills of Project Management Professional fundamentals to accomplish the official test with excellent grade and integrate this knowledge in your everyday work. So what’s holding you back? Commit to a conscious study in PMP® curriculum and take the mock exams offered by our site and receive a PMP Certification Preparation Online…Grab the Opportunity whilst free…

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If you’re an experienced project manager looking to solidify your skills, stand out to employers and maximize your earning potential, the PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the right choice for you. The globally recognised and demanded PMP® credential offered by PMI® demonstrates that the practitioners are well positioned to provide professional skills necessary to lead project teams and achieve successful project results. PMP® has always garnered a higher salary for individuals with credentials over non-credentialed individuals. The PMP® recognises the competence of an individual to effectively perform the role of a project manager. The PMP® preparation credential scheme is accredited by the American national Standards Institute (ANSI) against the International organization for Standardization (ISO) 17024. In addition PMP® is also registered against the ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality management system.

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The PMP® certification exam includes 200 multiple-choice questions with four answer choices per question. The exam must be completed in four hours. 25 of the 200 exam questions are “pre-release questions/pre-test”, meaning they are not included in your score for the exam. These questions will be randomly placed throughout the exam. You will not know which question in the paper falls under this category. The passing score on the exam has been approximately 61% (106 out of 175 questions answered correctly.) The PMP® practice questions are randomly generated from a database containing hundreds of questions. The questions may jump from topic to topic and cover multiple concepts in a single question. You get one point for each correct answer. There is no penalty for wrong answers at the official exam.

Prepare to pass the PMI PMP® exam while completing the required 35 contact hours/professional development units (PDUs). This certification is apt for professional project managers who are pursuing or maintaining the PMP® certification. In this certification preparation you gain practical test-taking experience through PMI-style practice exams and would be in position to create your own personal study plan or decide to join a training course which would make your certification journey comparatively easy and less time consuming.

The following table breaks out the percentage of scored questions currently on the exam in each process group:

pmp table 1

For more tips on exam questions refer PMP handbook from the official PMI® org site

Mockexam4u is an ideal space to test your PMP® knowledge. The mock tests are designed to help prepare you for the PMI’s PMP® certification exam. It would allow you to assess your understanding of the topics covered in the PMP® exam and identify topics on which you may need further training. It would give you a sneak peak at what you could expect in the actual PMP® exam. Consider the test exam provided here as an elaborate SAMPLE EXAM. This sample exam encompasses 15 questions and is not time bound. The feedback after every question will tell you the right answer and the explanation. Our group of Certified PMP® practitioners have carefully designed each of the sample and mock exams to ensure the entire syllabus is covered and the reader gets the utmost benefits for the PMP® Certification Preparation Online.

These review questions do not reflect the actual questions you will receive on the live certification exam.  They are only meant to supplement your exam experience. If you feel you are benefited with the sample exam please do register by following the link below and treat yourself to a valuable learning experience and get a chance to attempt the other 6 PMP® Mock exams.

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This online Test remains the property of the Mockexam4U. The PMP® sample questions and the online tests are not from the official PMI’s PMP® sample papers and they are created by our organization. These PMP® practice test questions are not to be reproduced or re-sold without our permission. Enjoy the exam whilst free! Each of the exams is vigilantly questioned with each question differing from the other to ensure the entire PMP® certification course material is covered. Do give us your precious feedback so that we could cater more easily to your needs.


Fancy becoming a Certified PMP® professional? This section comprises of two types of exams. The actual mock exam and the no timer practice exam. The PMP mock exam is is time bound with 4 hours as the end time, whereas the practice exam focuses on testing how much an individual understands from PMP® concepts and is not time bound. The former tests your prep from exam point of view and lets you know if you are ready to take the plunge. The mock test is a preparation online that also gives you a 10 minutes warning as you approach the end time. Whereas the latter helps you prepare yourself better from an exam and concept viewpoint at your own leisure. Consider the test exams provided here as an elaborate SAMPLE EXAM. The PMP Certification mock exam comprises of similar number of questions in terms of length and duration, as you can expect on the final day; mainly 200 questions with a time limit of 240 crucial minutes.

Ideal approach for obtaining the maximum benefit from the tests would be that you make sure the course material is thoroughly understood from PMP® syllabus point of view and you have marked a date on your calendar to give a test. Our groups of Certified PMP® Professional have carefully designed each of the PMP® practice questions in tests to ensure the reader gets the utmost benefits. Get ready for a wonderful and challenging experience. Do give us your precious feedback so that we could cater more easily to your needs.

Please select your option from the mentioned online tests to test your preparation level for the PMP® Certification Course. The scores would be displayed at the end of the entire test and a feedback email would be sent to you on the registered email address. It would be prudent to take as many exams as possible to boost confidence and to test your preliminary assessment levels. All you would have to do is click the below button and register for free!

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This online Test remains the property of the Mockexam4U. The PMP® sample questions and the online mock tests are not from the official PMI’s PMP® sample papers and they are created by our organization. These test questions are not to be reproduced or re-sold without our permission. Enjoy the exam whilst free! Each of the exams is vigilantly questioned with each question differing from the other to ensure the entire PMP® course material is covered. Do give us your precious feedback so that we could cater more easily to your needs.

Assess your preparatory skills with these brain teasers and alleviate exam qualms if any…An Ideal space to test your PMP® knowledge and make waves for a bright career in project management.


Now-a-days many companies focus on implementing project management concepts into their functioning which has resulted in increase of Companies requesting, and in some cases requiring, their Project Managers to become PMP® certified. So how does one get PMP® certified? The PMP® application process is quite lengthy and requires attention to details. To make life simpler we have enlisted the pointers to be remembered. Make sure you follow them once you are comfortable with the PMP® practice questions listed on the site. Pointers to be remembered are:

[1] To begin with we recommend you read the PMP handbook from the official PMI® org site

[2] Cross check if you meet the eligibility criteria for the PMP Certification Preparation Online

[3] To register for PMP® certification, you would first require to register bu following this PMI® link.

[4] Schedule for your PMP® examination which is a computer-based examination and in some cases can also be paper-based examination. Refer the PMP handbook for more details. Also you cannot schedule an appointment until PMI® receives payment for your credential fee.

[5] Schedule your appointment online at the Prometric website. You can also use the same link for re-scheduling or cancelling your test.

Exam site Requirements & Results

[1] In order to be admitted into the Prometric testing center you must carry a valid, non-expired government issued identification with your photograph and signature.

[2] Make sure you arrive at least 1 hour before the scheduled test time

[3] The candidates are prohibited from using a calculator or any form of scrap paper

[4] Any user violating PMI test security and confidentiality will be subject to disciplinary actions

[5] Upon completion of the computer based PMP Certification examination you will receive a printed copy of your test result.

  • The test result would display – Pass/Fail status
  • Diagnostic performance related information is provided for each domain
  • Assignment of one of the three proficiency levels namely (Proficient/Moderately Proficient / Below Proficient)

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