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ITIL Foundation

ITIL Foundation

ITIL Foundation

ITIL® stands for IT Infrastructure Library, and it is the most commonly used IT Management Best Practice for the Service Industry today. IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL) is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS. The purpose of the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management is to certify that a candidate has gained knowledge of the ITIL® terminologies, structures, core principles and basic concepts of Service Management. Just as we have PMP® (Project Management Professional) certification for projects, ITIL® is for services and operations. ITIL® provides a set of unsurpassed drills, drawn from the experiences of public and private sectors internationally.


ITIL® Foundation exam is the most widely adopted approach for IT Service Management provides a practical, no-nonsense framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to business. The philosophy behind the development of ITIL® certification path is the acknowledgement that organizations are becoming increasingly dependent on IT in order to satisfy their corporate aims and meet their business needs. This leads to an augmented requirement for trustworthy, high-quality IT services. ITIL® preparation provides the foundation for quality IT Service Management through documented, proven processes that cover the entire Service Life cycle. It is easy for organizations to learn, tailor and implement to suit their working model. The widespread adoption of the ITIL® guidance has reinvigorated organizations worldwide, both commercial and non-proprietary, to develop auxiliary products as part of a shared ‘ITIL Philosophy’.


Today, companies in the service industry insist on having a ITIL® Certification from their Managers, and passing the ITIL® Exam is considered as your first step towards responding to this need. And with free ITIL® mock tests from Mockexam4u you can do just that. In this section we begin with the mock tests pertaining to ITIL® certification. The mock exams in include questions that are similar in methodology and structures to those tested by Official ITIL® Accreditor APMG but are not the actual ITIL® online exam questions. They are only meant for self-test practice purposes. Upon successful completion of the required study and practising with these tests you will be able to master the skills to accomplish the official test with excellent grade and integrate this knowledge in your everyday work.   So what’s holding you back? Commit to a conscious study in ITIL® Foundation curriculum and take the mock exams offered by our site…Grab the Opportunity whilst free and follow the simple registration process…

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The modular and tiered structure of the qualification not only offers candidates the flexibility in relating to the different disciplines and areas of ITIL®, but generally makes ITIL® certification more accessible and achievable. The ITIL® Qualifications scheme comprises of a series of levels focused on different aspects of ITIL® Best Practice, to various degrees of depth and detail. These are the levels of qualifications within the scheme:

  • ITIL® Foundation
  • ITIL® Intermediate Level
  • ITIL® Managing Across the Life-cycle
  • ITIL® Expert Level
  • ITIL® Master Qualification

ITIL® online exam is aligned with various international quality standards including international standard ISO/IEC 20000 (IT Service Management Code of Practice). The best practice is based on expert advice and input from ITIL® users in both current and practical environments based on the latest industry trends. The candidates wanting to appear the ITIL® exam are urged to ensure that when buying ITIL® training or examination services, they check that the organization delivering the service is recognized and sanctioned by Cabinet Office and is administered by The Accreditor.

 The following certifications are available under the ITIL® Qualifications scheme:

The ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management 

It is the entry level examination for the scheme. There are no pre-requites for entry into this examination.

The ITIL® Intermediate Level 

It is the core of the scheme. To take an examination at this level, candidates must hold the ITIL® Foundation qualification and must complete an accredited training course successfully.

ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) 

It has the Capstone examination for the scheme. Candidates who have gained a number of ITIL® certifications are eligible to take this course and examination, and will be eligible for the ITIL® Expert Level Award following successful completion. To take the MALC® examination, candidates must hold the ITIL® Foundation qualification, must have achieved a minimum of 17 credits from ITIL® intermediate (or earlier) certifications, and must complete an accredited training course.

   The following examinations are available at the intermediate level:

      • Service Life cycle – management focused examinations

[Service Strategy; Service Design; Service Transition; Service Operation, and; Continual Service Improvement.]

      • Service Capability – process focused examinations

[Planning Protection and Optimization; Release Control and Validation; Operational Support and Analysis, and; Service Offerings and Agreements]

The latest edition of ITIL® (ITIL 2011) was published on 29th July 2011. All ITIL® examinations reflect the life-cycle based structure within the ITIL® Best Practice guidance, and are therefore modular in nature. All examinations are multiple choice tests and have been designed to test at a variety of levels of difficulty in learning process using Bloom’s Taxonomy principles adapted to the specific ITIL® principles. The level of difficulty depends on the level of scheme or qualification supported.

In this section we begin with the ITIL® 2011 Foundation which focuses on your understanding of various service management concepts, selected processes and functions, roles and architectures and the ITIL® service life-cycle. This certification is aimed at individuals who require a basic understanding of the ITIL® framework and wish to know how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization. ITIL® Foundation exam shows employers that you are aware of the key elements, concepts and terminology used in the ITIL® Service life-cycle and are aware of service management best practices.ITIL FOUNDATION BUTTON


The ITIL® exam includes 40 multiple-choice questions with four answer choices per question. The exam must be completed in 60 minutes. The passing score on the exam has been approximately 65% (26 out of 40 questions answered correctly). An answer grid would be provided to mark the right answer. And you are required to attempt all the questions without fail with no negative marking for any question.

The ITIL® Foundation level

As this entrance level offers a general awareness of the Service Life-cycle and the key elements the learning objectives and competencies are focused on for the exam. It is crucial to get an understanding of the overall linkages between the different stages in the Life-cycle, the processes used and their contribution to Service Management practices. The ITIL® publications and supporting schemes are updated on regular basis through a regular review cycle.

Upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to ITIL® Foundation level qualification, candidates can expect to gain knowledge and understanding in the following:

  •  Service Management as a practice
  •  Service Life-cycle
  •  Key Principles and Models Generic Concepts
  •  Selected Processes
  •  Selected Roles
  •  Selected Functions
  • Technology and Architecture
  •  ITIL® Qualification Scheme

For more tips on the exam questions refer ITIL® Qualification Scheme from the official ITIL® site.

There is a link between a candidate’s score in the ITIL Foundation exam and the chance of passing the Intermediate and other ITIL Master qualification exam. Mockexam4u is an ideal space to test your ITIL® Foundation knowledge. The sample test of 15 questions provides a glimpse of the actual examination questions. This section is provided to give you an understanding of what to expect at the Official ITIL® Exam. Our group of Certified ITIL® professionals have carefully designed each of the sample and mock exams to ensure the entire syllabus is covered and the reader gets the utmost benefits. If you feel you are benefited with the sample exam please do register for free by following the register link and treat yourself to a valuable learning experience.

Click the image above to check the ITIL® Foundation sample exam. It would give you a sneak peak at what you could expect in the actual ITIL® Foundation credential exam. This sample exam encompasses 15 questions and is not time bound. The feedback after every question will tell you the right answer and the corresponding explanation. The sample questions are similar to questions from the current ITIL® curriculum, to help prepare for the exam. These review questions do not reflect the actual questions you will receive on the live certification exam. They are only meant to supplement your exam experience.

 It would be prudent to take as many exams as possible to boost confidence and to test your preliminary assessment levels. If you feel you are benefited with the sample exam please do register by following the link below and get a chance to attempt the other 3 ITIL® Foundation Mock exams with 40 questions each for your practice. Just follow the simple registration process and get started!

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This online test remains the property of the Mockexam4U. The ITIL® Foundation certification sample questions and the online tests are not from the official APMG’s ITIL® sample papers and they are created by our organization. These test questions are not to be reproduced or re-sold without our permission. Enjoy the exam whilst free! Each of the exams is vigilantly questioned with each question differing from the other to ensure the entire ITIL® course material is covered. Also click this link to attempt the other ITIL® Foundation Mock Exams. Do give us your precious feedback so that we could cater more easily to your needs.


Fancy becoming a Certified ITIL® professional?…Assess your preparatory skills with these brain teasers and alleviate exam qualms if any…An Ideal space to test your ITIL® Foundation exam knowledge and make waves for a bright career in IT service industry. This Mock Exam section comprises of two types of exams namely: The mock exam and the practice exam. The ITIL® Foundation mock exam is time bound with 60 minutes as the end time, whereas the practice exam focuses on testing how much an individual understands from basic ITIL® concepts and is not time bound. The former tests your prep from exam point of view and lets you know if you are ready to take the plunge. The mock test also gives you a 10 minutes warning as you approach the end time. Whereas the latter helps you prepare yourself better from an exam and concept viewpoint at your own leisure. Consider the test exams provided here as an elaborate SAMPLE EXAM. The mock exam comprises of similar number of questions in terms of length and duration, as you can expect on the final day; mainly 40 questions with a time limit of 60 crucial minutes.

This certificate is appropriate for those working in an IT environment – or where IT services are a core competency. This may include but is not limited to, IT professionals, business managers and business process owners. Ideal approach for obtaining the maximum benefit from the tests would be that you make sure the course material is thoroughly understood from ITIL® examination point of view and you have marked a date on your calendar to give a test. Our groups of ITIL® professionals and trainers have carefully designed each of the tests and the training docs to ensure the reader gets the utmost benefits. Get ready for a wonderful and challenging experience. Do give us your precious feedback so that we could cater more easily to your needs.

Please select your option from the above mentioned online tests to test your preparation level. The scores would be displayed at the end of the entire test and a feedback email would be sent to you on the registered email address. It would be prudent to take as many exams as possible to boost confidence and to test your preliminary assessment levels. All you would have to do is click the below button and register for free!

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This online Test remains the property of the Mockexam4U. The ITIL® Foundation sample questions and the online tests are not from the official APMG ITIL® sample papers and they are created by our organization. These test questions are not to be reproduced or re-sold without our permission. Enjoy the exam whilst free! Each of the exams is vigilantly questioned with each question differing from the other to ensure the entire ITIL® Foundation course material is covered. Do give us your precious feedback so that we could cater more easily to your needs.



Now-a-days the companies focus on implementing ITIL® concepts into their functioning which has resulted in an increase of Companies requesting, and in some cases requiring, their employees to become ITIL® certified. The ITIL® foundation course is aimed at individuals who require a basic understanding of the ITIL framework and wish to know how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organisation. IT professionals, who are working with an organization that has adopted ITIL® fundamentals, need to be aware about an on-going service improvement programme. In general a level of IT literacy, a background in IT or experience enriched using ITIL® modular approach would be very useful.

So how does one get certified with ITIL® Foundation Certification? The ITIL® application process does require attention to details. To make life simpler we have enlisted the pointers to be remembered.

  1. To begin with we recommend you read the APMG-International ITIL Certification Brochure from the official APMG site
  2. The ITIL® Foundation Certificate is the entry level examination and there are no pre-requites for entry to this examination.
  3. Professional qualifications based on ITIL® are offered by Examination Institutes. An Examination Institute (EI) is an organisation accredited by the APM Group and permitted to operate an ITIL® examination scheme through a network of Accredited Training Organisations, and Accredited Trainers with Accredited materials.
  4. APMG International, BCS-ISEB, CERT-IT and CSME are examination institutes to name a few. Refer the link Examination Institute for more details.
  5. There are 3 main ways of registering for the exam
    1. Training Provider : It is strongly recommended that candidates take an accredited training course prior to taking the exam. Statistics show that overall pass rates are higher for candidates who have attended an accredited training course. If you attend an accredited training course, details of the exam can be obtained from your Training Provider and the process of submitting your registration form would be through them.
    2. Public Examinations: You will need to register and pay online using various registration facilities of the different IE’s. The entire list can be obtained by following this link. Each Examination institute would have their stipulated dates and time listed on their website. Make sure you book your exam appointment nonetheless 3 weeks prior to the exam date.
    3. Online Examinations: Taking the exam online via a computer based examination center provides you with your exam result immediately. You can book to take the exam at many of the Prometric or Pearson Vue test centres around the world.
  6. You can also use the same links for re-scheduling or cancelling your test. Or for other requirements such as in case of language barriers or when special care is required.

Exam site Requirements & Results

[1] In order to be admitted into the Prometric or Pearson Vue testing center you must carry a valid, non-expired government issued identification with your photograph and signature.

[2] Make sure you arrive at least 1 hour before the scheduled test time

[3] The candidates are prohibited from using a calculator or any form of scrap paper

[4] Any user violating APMG’s test security and confidentiality will be subject to disciplinary actions

[5] Upon completion of the computer based examination you will receive a printed copy of your test result.

  • The test result would display – Pass/Fail status
  • Diagnostic performance related information is provided based on the exam performance.

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